Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Sisters Come to Town

Not only do I get to marry the coolest guy ever in March, I also get two new sisters (and I'm pretty excited about it)!

Hillary and Brooke had some time off this summer and we got to enjoy them for almost an entire week. We packed that week full of mini adventures with a side of summer laziness.
It was lovely.

^^^Because what vacation is complete without a girls' shopping day?^^^

^^^My man's "new 'do"^^^

^^^Brooke makes the best cheese pie. Seriously. It may sound funky, 
but trust me. It's the bees knees. And so is she.^^^

^^^And how could we resist 1/2 off cheesecake night?^^^

^^^The grand finale of their trip = a Disney day!^^^

^^^When you get to know the rides well enough to have fun 
with the on-ride photos...^^^

^^^Poor Brookie took one for the team and sat in the front row on Splash Mountain^^^

^^^If there's one thing we sisters share in common, it's a love for Starbucks. 
Well, Starbucks, Disney, Jane the Virgin... okay, we have quite a lot in common^^^

^^^Any excuse to sneak that bling in a picture 
(even when it's painfully out of focus)^^^

^^^The Mickey to my Minnie^^^

Thanks for coming to visit, you two! Hurry back!

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  1. You all are so cute and so fun!! I love you and love these pics!!


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