Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Sisters Come to Town

Not only do I get to marry the coolest guy ever in March, I also get two new sisters (and I'm pretty excited about it)!

Hillary and Brooke had some time off this summer and we got to enjoy them for almost an entire week. We packed that week full of mini adventures with a side of summer laziness.
It was lovely.

^^^Because what vacation is complete without a girls' shopping day?^^^

^^^My man's "new 'do"^^^

^^^Brooke makes the best cheese pie. Seriously. It may sound funky, 
but trust me. It's the bees knees. And so is she.^^^

^^^And how could we resist 1/2 off cheesecake night?^^^

^^^The grand finale of their trip = a Disney day!^^^

^^^When you get to know the rides well enough to have fun 
with the on-ride photos...^^^

^^^Poor Brookie took one for the team and sat in the front row on Splash Mountain^^^

^^^If there's one thing we sisters share in common, it's a love for Starbucks. 
Well, Starbucks, Disney, Jane the Virgin... okay, we have quite a lot in common^^^

^^^Any excuse to sneak that bling in a picture 
(even when it's painfully out of focus)^^^

^^^The Mickey to my Minnie^^^

Thanks for coming to visit, you two! Hurry back!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


One week after we got engaged, my amazing sister-in-law threw us an engagement party.
Not just any engagement party. One complete with chocolate-covered strawberries, several entrees, and adorable decorations.
She spent the entire time slaving away in the kitchen, both for prep and cleanup.
Graham and I are so lucky to be surrounded by such thoughtful people during this wonderful season of our lives.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wedding Dress Shopping

^^^So incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to dress shop with both
of my parents^^^

^^^Favorite dress I did not choose (not in pink). SO fun to wear.^^^

^^^Celebratory ice cream with these two^^^

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best. Day. Ever.

^^^I mean, could it BE any dreamier?!?^^^

On July 17, 2016 (the day after my best friend's wedding), the love of my life asked me to marry him.
Both he and my parents were acting mighty suspicious the whole morning. Not to mention Graham had thrown in a dress and wedges for me to wear for that day. He said he'd seen the dress when he was picking up his sweatshirt from my place. Still sneaky sneaky...

Inspite of the fact that I was suspicious, I was still beyond thrilled and shocked it could actually be happening. I've never been so excited to say yes (although, I did make him squirm with a long pause and a "I need to think about it for awhile just for kicks and giggles). And it was so special to have my parents there. Good move, G!

I love you, Graham Allen. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


July 16, 2017

The day my best friend married the man of her dreams.

It was a perfect, fun, relaxing weekend, and she was the most lovely bride. 
Such a privilege to be her Maid of Honor.

^^^Coffee lover girl on her wedding morning^^^

^^^Love this girl and her sweet Momma^^^

^^^Loved their custom koozies for all their soda options^^^

^^^Mr. and Dr. Mayle^^^

^^^So incredibly glad my own prince charming could make it!^^^

Congratulations, Cassi and Ryan! So glad you two found each other.
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